Designer Spotlight: Natalie Ziegler

Natalie Ziegler is a jewelry designer known for her unique designs. Her use of precious and semi-precious stones, pearls and metals turns her designs into works of art. She was born in New York City and raised near Boston. Her road to jewelry designer was anything but straightforward, though. She got her MA in American Foreign Policy and Economics at Johns Hopkins SAIS from 1984 to 1986. She also has a BA in Psychology from Oberlin College in Oberlin, Ohio. From July 1986 until July 1994 she worked in TV news as a senior researcher at CNN in Atlanta, Georgia and Washington, DC.

In 2001 she began a company called Commonwealth Imports. Its purpose is to supply US designers and jewelers with raw materials to use in their designs. Coming into daily contact with all these various stones made Natalie realize that she wanted to do more than just import them. She also wanted to play around with the shapes and colors to see what would happen. From that desire came her own line of designer jewelry which is upscale yet affordable. The designs are both colorful and feminine. They are sure to be a favorite in your jewelry collection.

Timeless Aesthetics

Natalie’s designs are tailored to be “classic” rather than “trendy.” They work with your wardrobe year after year without going out of style. Her signature “look” is made of semi-precious stones and pearls. She leans towards the briolette cut in a lot of her designs. For those who aren’t familiar with the term, a little background is in order.

Briolettes are drop-shaped stones that have been used in jewelry design since the early 17th century. They were very popular during the Victorian era and are popular once again.Their multi-faceted cut is what gives them their lively sparkle. They can be drilled to be used as beads or hung as a pendant from their tips.

Lasting Value

Natalie blends her colorful stones into works of art that will last for years. If she’s making a beaded or wire-wrapped piece of jewelry she will often complete it in a few hours. On the other hand a cast piece can take months before it’s finished. Her ideas can come from a gorgeous sunset or a vase of flowers. She has an eye for bringing together different colors and textures and making it work! To see examples of Natalie’s designs please visit our website.

What Are the Newest Trends in Jewelry for 2014?

What sets the tone for jewelry trends? Who picks them and how do they decide what’s IN?  Well, it isn’t just one thing. Jewelry trends seen at fashion shows and award shows like the Golden Globes are one indication of what’s HOT. What women are wearing on the Red Carpet gets noticed immediately and the demand grows from there. A lot of market research goes into deciding what’s Hot and what’s Not and here are the winners for 2014.

Pantone Color Institute has announced THE color for 2014 to be Radiant Orchid.  This color was in evidence in the Spring 2014 runway shows of several designers. The reason this is important is because fine jewelers look to the latest color trend to know how to color-block their jewelry with the clothes.

The latest trends run the gamut from pearls to gold to colored stones. A lot of Art Deco, yellow gold and geometric styles were worn this year at the Golden Globe Awards. Amy Poehler wore an oversized yellow gold cuff bracelet reminiscent of the gladiator’s style. There were plenty of yellow gold earrings on view which were coupled with pearls, onyx and diamonds galore. Stickpins, chevrons and pyramid shapes and body jewelry will also be HOT! HOT! HOT!

And what’s the forecast for this year’s hottest trends? Let’s take a look:


Expect to see this pearl beauty in a variety of jewelry styles. A lot of blue was worn by the ladies on the red carpet this year and abalone fit right in. Its color seems to take on and complement whatever color clothing is being worn with it. This pearl dazzler has the best of both worlds – it’s exotic looking yet inexpensive.


Look for lots of orange, blue and yellow gold in jewelry this year. Since Radiant Orchid is the color to match with, orange will color-block with it and look fantastic! An orange geometric bracelet with a Radiant Orchid ensemble will make both items pop!  Blue is still a strong color trend in jewelry collections. You can find many styles of jewelry that are using topaz, tanzanite and sapphires in the design with stunning results. And, of course, that perennial favorite – gold.  Anything from gold chains to gold stickpins to stud earrings will have yellow gold as part of the design. And since the price of gold has dropped over 29% to date, look for more variety in designs using this wonderful metal.

Bracelets, Watches, Geometry

Because this spring’s fashions have a lot of bare arm showing, look to see lots of cuff, bangles and stacking bracelets on view. And with all the talk about the Apple smartwatch, look for a renewed interest in fine watches in general.

We invite you to visit our website and shop for that special piece by one of our many designers.

Emily Maynard’s Stackable Engagement Rings

Love the look of Emily Maynard’s stackable engagement rings? Get the look with Michael M.!

The Knot’s original story here:

Featured styles: B101U-2F in 18K white, yellow and rose gold, featuring 0.56 ct G,VS diamonds each. 

Designer Spotlight: Tutima

In 1927 a watch-making company based on family tradition was started in Glashutte by one man. This company was called Tutima. The company was started by Dr. Ernst Kurtz. Dr. Kurtz started this company when he was 27 years old. Tutima is still in business today and are a very renowned watch-making company.

In 1927 Dr. Ernst Kurtz created the first wristwatch in Glashutte at the age of 27. The top quality line of these watches were called Tutima.  Tutima is a Latin word meaning “secure, protected.” Glashutte was considered the “watch city” since 1845. In 1941, the development of UROFA-UFAG  became a milestone in the company’s history. This was the legendary two-button Pilot’s Chronograph. The Pilot’s Chronograph has a rich history and future for Tutima.

At the end of the war in 1945 the watch industry in Glashutte was in ruins. However, this did not stop Dr. Kurtz. Dr. Kurtz continued production of his watches in Memmelsdorf. Dr. Kurtz moved to Ganderkesee in 1951 and continued production of Tutima watches there. For distribution of the watches, Tutima Uhren was created. Tutima, a tradition-rich company, worked in Lower Saxony uninterrupted for many years.

After 66 years Tutima has returned to Glashutte. In May of 2011 Tutima returned to where they got started by opening a new factory in Glashutte. With the return of Tutima to Glashutte, they created the Tutima Hommage Minute Repeater. This watch paid homage to company founder Dr. Kurtz. The first minute repeater took more than 3 years to complete and consisted of more than 550 individual components.

In 2013 Tutima has presented four new watches to their collection. They are the Saxon One, Grand Flieger, M2, and the Patria. These new watches follow the concept Tutima has used for over 70 years.  They are technical, sporty timekeepers with instrumental character. Many watch connoisseurs are very excited about Tutima being back home where they were first started, and they cannot wait to see what they come out with next.

If you are looking for watches like the ones made by Tutima, visit Midtown Jewelers today. The professionals at Midtown Jewelers can help you find the perfect watch for you or a loved one. The people at Midtown Jewelers Have a great deal of knowledge about jewelry and they can even appraise your items as well as buy them. Visit Midtown today and find the watch that you have always wanted.

Midtown Jewelers Buys Jewelry!

If you are like most people, you more than likely have some jewelry that you don’t wear. If so ,most of it probably just sits around collecting dust. Don’t let your jewelry just sit around! If you never plan to wear it, you should sell it. Selling your jewelry is a great way to clear space and make a little extra cash. If you are not sure where to sell your jewelry, the best place to start is a jewelry store.

Why Is a Jewelry Store the Best Place?

  • Jewelry stores are more likely to know the value of your jewelry
  • Most jewelry stores do appraisals
  • They can offer you more than a pawn shop
  • They may not offer as much as you may be able to get off an auction site, but they can pay you instantly — there is no waiting for the right buyer
  • Working with people that understand what you are trying to sell and that know the market value makes selling easier and helps you understand more about the pieces you have in your collection
  • Jewelry stores care about each piece you bring them and know what each are worth

Now, you just need to find a jewelry store that buys jewelry. This is an easy job if you have ever heard of Midtown Jewelers. Midtown Jewelers has been in business since 1982 serving the Fairfax County & Washington, D.C. metro area. Midtown will pay fair price for your unwanted diamonds, estate jewelry, and other jewelry you no longer want. Midtown bases the value of your jewelry on different market variables such as demand, price of gold or silver, and quality of the piece. Midtown have consistently offered higher prices than others because they cater to all different clientele, not just one type. Midtown also never pressures you into selling your jewelry because they understand how meaningful some pieces are to people, whether it be a family heirloom or just something that is special to you.

So if you have unwanted jewelry, call Midtown Jewelers today. Midtown has been in business since 1982 and has the experience to help you complete your transactions to your satisfaction. The jewelers at Midtown can tell you what your jewelry is worth based on the market and they will even buy it from you if you are wanting to sell it. So call Midtown today and make some extra cash on your old jewelry that is just sitting around collecting dust.

PANDORA Restyling Event

PANDORA Restyling Event
Wednesday November 20th
hosted by the Ladies of Midtown Jewelers

Join us for our first ever Pandora Restyling Event hosted by the Ladies of Midtown Jewelers and expert Pandora Stylist and Visual Merchandiser, Lureen Ebanks.

From 5pm – 8pm on Wed. November 20th, Lureen will be on hand to provide her styling assistance to re-create your existing bracelet or help you get started on a new one just in time for the holidays. The event will be feature Pandora door prizes, sneak peak at the latest Pandora charms, and of course fun refreshments.

Michael M. In The Knot

Yellow diamonds are back! Michael M. was featured in Fall/Winter 2014 issue of The Knot & throughout September/October issue of The Society Diaries magazine.The Knot featured Bicolore style R454-5, featuring 1.47 ct G,VS accent side stones and 5.00 carat Canary Yellow Oval center (center diamond not included.)

The Society Diaries magazine featured ER208, a Couture pick from the Dreaming in Color by Michael M. featuring 19.70 carats of orange, fancy yellow and Cognac diamonds. The earrings were used throughout the shoot.

Featured Styles:

R454-5, Handcrafted diamond-set bands intertwine into the shoulders of this platinum and 18k yellow gold Engagement Ring, featuring a u-set diamond crown. Also available in 18k white, yellow, or rose gold.

ER208, from the Dreaming in Color by Michael M. featuring 19.70 carats of orange, fancy yellow and Cognac diamonds.

Tips For Selling Jewelry

Have you ever thought of trading your fine jewelry for cash? Maybe you have a piece that you never wear or don’t like. Maybe something that was once sentimental has lost its meaning. Or maybe having the money is more important or useful to you than owning the jewelry itself.

Before you sell, check out our top tips to make the process smooth and painless.

Make Sure You’re Ready

Sometimes people think they’re ready to part with an expensive ring or necklace. Yet when it comes time to actually sell it, they have second thoughts. Emotions will only get in the way of a successful sale. They may also turn into regrets if you aren’t careful. Selling a piece is the right decision in many cases. Just make sure you’re in a good state of mind to think through what you’re about to do…before you commit to doing it.

Know Your Piece

Family stories about the value of an heirloom, for instance, might abound. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean your piece is actually valuable. On the flip side, you may have something you thought wasn’t worth much that turns out to be quite a find. Check with a qualified appraiser before you sell. That way you’ll be sure you know what, exactly, you’re working with.

Set Realistic Expectations

Once you’ve had a professional look at your piece, you’ll have a better idea about what to expect when it’s time to find a buyer. Emotional attachment can make an item seem more valuable to its owner than to a buyer. Try to keep your expectations realistic. That way you can think logically about any offers you might receive.

Research Your Selling Options

When you’re ready to look for potential buyers, you have a few choices. You can sell your piece to a member of the public, through a third party, or to someone in the jewelry industry.

Is getting top dollar your priority? Then selling to the public might be best for you. The biggest challenge, and the thing that will take a lot of time and energy on your part, is finding a buyer. You’ll most likely have to do a fair amount of marketing to get your piece into the hands of someone who’ll pay for it.

Another option is to have a consignment shop or dealer sell your piece for you. That way, you’re selling to the public but don’t have to find the buyer yourself. A caveat, though: Only leave your precious piece of jewelry with someone you trust one hundred percent!

Are you hoping to sell your piece quickly, safely, and without having to do a lot of advertising yourself? If so, consider selling to someone you trust in the jewelry industry (like Midtown Jewelers!). This route may net a little less on the sale, but you’ll most likely save precious time and energy.

Ready to sell?

Midtown Jewelers buys gold, diamonds, and jewelry! Contact us today to find out more.