PANDORA Restyling Event

PANDORA Restyling Event
Wednesday November 20th
hosted by the Ladies of Midtown Jewelers

Join us for our first ever Pandora Restyling Event hosted by the Ladies of Midtown Jewelers and expert Pandora Stylist and Visual Merchandiser, Lureen Ebanks.

From 5pm – 8pm on Wed. November 20th, Lureen will be on hand to provide her styling assistance to re-create your existing bracelet or help you get started on a new one just in time for the holidays. The event will be feature Pandora door prizes, sneak peak at the latest Pandora charms, and of course fun refreshments.

Michael M. In The Knot

Yellow diamonds are back! Michael M. was featured in Fall/Winter 2014 issue of The Knot & throughout September/October issue of The Society Diaries magazine.The Knot featured Bicolore style R454-5, featuring 1.47 ct G,VS accent side stones and 5.00 carat Canary Yellow Oval center (center diamond not included.)

The Society Diaries magazine featured ER208, a Couture pick from the Dreaming in Color by Michael M. featuring 19.70 carats of orange, fancy yellow and Cognac diamonds. The earrings were used throughout the shoot.

Featured Styles:

R454-5, Handcrafted diamond-set bands intertwine into the shoulders of this platinum and 18k yellow gold Engagement Ring, featuring a u-set diamond crown. Also available in 18k white, yellow, or rose gold.

ER208, from the Dreaming in Color by Michael M. featuring 19.70 carats of orange, fancy yellow and Cognac diamonds.

Tips For Selling Jewelry

Have you ever thought of trading your fine jewelry for cash? Maybe you have a piece that you never wear or don’t like. Maybe something that was once sentimental has lost its meaning. Or maybe having the money is more important or useful to you than owning the jewelry itself.

Before you sell, check out our top tips to make the process smooth and painless.

Make Sure You’re Ready

Sometimes people think they’re ready to part with an expensive ring or necklace. Yet when it comes time to actually sell it, they have second thoughts. Emotions will only get in the way of a successful sale. They may also turn into regrets if you aren’t careful. Selling a piece is the right decision in many cases. Just make sure you’re in a good state of mind to think through what you’re about to do…before you commit to doing it.

Know Your Piece

Family stories about the value of an heirloom, for instance, might abound. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean your piece is actually valuable. On the flip side, you may have something you thought wasn’t worth much that turns out to be quite a find. Check with a qualified appraiser before you sell. That way you’ll be sure you know what, exactly, you’re working with.

Set Realistic Expectations

Once you’ve had a professional look at your piece, you’ll have a better idea about what to expect when it’s time to find a buyer. Emotional attachment can make an item seem more valuable to its owner than to a buyer. Try to keep your expectations realistic. That way you can think logically about any offers you might receive.

Research Your Selling Options

When you’re ready to look for potential buyers, you have a few choices. You can sell your piece to a member of the public, through a third party, or to someone in the jewelry industry.

Is getting top dollar your priority? Then selling to the public might be best for you. The biggest challenge, and the thing that will take a lot of time and energy on your part, is finding a buyer. You’ll most likely have to do a fair amount of marketing to get your piece into the hands of someone who’ll pay for it.

Another option is to have a consignment shop or dealer sell your piece for you. That way, you’re selling to the public but don’t have to find the buyer yourself. A caveat, though: Only leave your precious piece of jewelry with someone you trust one hundred percent!

Are you hoping to sell your piece quickly, safely, and without having to do a lot of advertising yourself? If so, consider selling to someone you trust in the jewelry industry (like Midtown Jewelers!). This route may net a little less on the sale, but you’ll most likely save precious time and energy.

Ready to sell?

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