How Does Where You’re From Influence Your Choice of Engagement Ring?

It is a great privilege to be a jeweler. Not only does your daily life revolve around beautiful items, but you get to see so many people on the cusp of the greatest adventure of their lives.

Over the years, you start to be a bit anthropological about it. You attend industry conventions with other jewelers and argue about what’s popular and on-trend. But we forget that when we hail from different regions of the country, the area you’re from can influence what sorts of rings will draw admiring stares from strangers.

Let’s look at the two “Taste-maker” cities first.

New York and Los Angeles

The difference between New York and L.A. can be most succinctly summed up in the phrase “old money vs new money.” Never mind that there’s as much new money in New York as there is in L.A., the aesthetic of New York is simple and understated. It carries with it the assumption that anyone who is anyone will be able to discern quality from commonplace. Hence New Yorkers tend to purchase the highest quality solitaire they can afford.

In L.A., however, the tastemakers have to photograph well, and there’s an art to presenting oneself in a way that looks good on camera. There’s also more of a taste for innovation, which means that any of the more interesting or unusual trends (colored diamonds, double halos and so on) probably got their start in L.A.

Dallas and Chicago

By way of comparison, let’s look at these other large cities. Chicago is the third largest city in the U.S., but interestingly, they maintain their midwestern roots. They tend to purchase bands with clean lines, and classic clear stones in princess or round cuts. Channel settings tend to be popular. Channel settings protect the stones from chipping, and don’t catch on things at all. Just the thing to protect your investment.

Texas stereotypes tend to hold true in Dallas. After New York and L.A., they are third in the country for spending on engagement rings. While the focus is on a large center diamond, paved bands are also a common addition.

Washington D.C.

And what about Washington? Well, like you might expect, there’s not much emphasis on flash. The aesthetic is very conservative, and most people go with simple bands and a single round stone. Very classic, very elegant.

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