‘Tis the Season: Celebrity Engagement Ring Trends of 2014

If Santa (err, Midtown Jewelers) has anything to say about it, you’ll wake up Christmas morning to find the best gift of all waiting for you under the tree. No, we don’t mean a puppy, nor an iPad, but a one-of-a-kind diamond engagement ring from your one-of-a-kind true love.

But Santaaaaa, how on Earth am I supposed to wait until CHRISTMAS?!

We hear you. The waiting is the hardest part.

In the meantime, let’s talk about trends — celebrity engagement ring trends of 2014, that is. If your beloved has paid attention, he knows how intensely you’ve coveted Emma Roberts’ gorgeous halo-set, rose gold engagement ring. Maybe you’ll get one like it.

Or maybe an engagement ring with a bezel setting (kind of like Leighton Meester’s) is more your style.

Whether you’ll go gaga over a princess-cut diamond, or if you hope to turn your friends green with envy when you show up on New Year’s Eve sporting a yellow stone (Jenny McCarthy’s 10-carat yellow sapphire turned more than a few heads.), rest assured that when he pops the question with a ring purchased from Midtown Jewelers, all you’ll be thinking is YES.

Antique, Vintage Jewelry Made New

When you went home for Thanksgiving last month, your mom pulled you aside and handed you a gorgeous antique jewelry box. You gasped. You’ve known all your life that your grandmother’s jewelry would someday be yours, and that day has come.

You opened the heavy hinged box, and the angels began to sing… Okay, that didn’t actually happen, but inside, nestled on crushed blue velvet, you found cherished family heirlooms. They’re gorgeous; they’re valuable; they’re yours, but they’re not exactly your style.

That’s where Midtown Jewelers comes in. Let us give your antique jewelry new life.

Turn Grandmom’s cameo brooch into a pendant.

That cameo brooch was all the rage in Grandmom’s day, but the last thing you want is a pinhole in your new silk blouse. The solution: Let Midtown Jewelers turn that vintage pin into a stunning pendant, just for you!

Say ‘yes’ to Grandmom’s stone.

Oh, that emerald ring. You made the decision a long time ago that, whenever the time came for your prince charming to propose, you wanted him to do so with your grandmother’s emerald. Who cares it’s not a diamond? In fact, that’s why — because it’s not a diamond.

But your grandmother was a dainty Irish lass, and well, your height and sturdier bone structure came from the Scandinavian side of the family; her emerald ring won’t even fit on your pinky finger. The solution: Have Mom send your guy to Midtown Jewelers, and we’ll create a one-of-a-kind custom (emerald!) engagement ring with Grandmom’s stone.

Make a modern statement with Grandmom’s vintage necklace.

Your grandmother sure was one classy lady, and from the look of her [er, your] jewelry box, she went to a lot of classy parties. The necklaces are gorgeous, but your calendar is filled with play dates and coffee, not masquerade balls and White House dinners. The solution: Let Midtown Jewelers turn Grandmom’s vintage baubles into a vibrant bracelet that makes a statement!

Give Grandmom’s diamond earrings a makeover.

Diamond stud earrings never go out of style, but you never had your ears pierced. The solution: Let Midtown Jewelers take those three-quarter carat, princess-cut diamond solitaire gems; we’ll transform them into pretty pendants: One for yourself, and one for mom — a gift she’ll cherish forever.

From brooches to pendants, and emeralds to diamonds, the talented craftsmen at Midtown Jewelers have made their lives’ work, making Christmas wishes come true, and family heirlooms new.

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