Who is Midtown Jewelers Designer Armand Jacoby?

Midtown Jewelers in Reston, VA is known for its premier jewelry selection. We were voted Best Jewelry Store by Washingtonian Magazine. We have become the place to go for fine jewelry. We carefully select each designer and piece of jewelry in our store. We base our choices on how unique a piece is. We also look for top quality, beauty and design. With this in mind we are very proud to have, as one of our designers, Armand Jacoby.

Armand Jacoby has been a leader in jewelry design for over 60 years. This design house was a pioneer in developing the “designer line” which they sold in fine jewelry and high-end department stores. They are always looking for new ways to blend old world methods with modern technology. The aim of Armand Jacoby is to produce the finest jewelry possible. No matter how much fashion trends change, their values remain steady. They feel that jewelry should blend the elegance of the classics with the free flow of modern ideas. Their reputation has been earned by their zeal for excellence in every step of the design process.

Besides pieces made with classic stones, Armand Jacoby has also ventured into a new form of design. They call this new line The Solare Collection and it is cutting-edge in jewelry design. It features a process where diamonds are set in carbon polymer rather than precious metals. Why is this important?

What are the advantages of carbon polymer?

This carbon is translucent which means that light can pass completely through it. This allows the diamonds to shine at full strength without anything blocking the light. This can’t happen when pieces are set in metal. Also, the diamonds are set into the carbon rather than being gripped by prongs as they are in metals. What this means is that dirt and dust can’t build up under the stones so the brilliance is never dimmed. The carbon polymer has a light, airy feeling to it which fits into any lifestyle.

The Solare Collection uses F-VS2 quality diamonds in every piece so there will be sparkle to the max! Armand Jacoby also offers a lifetime guarantee for this line of jewelry. Once you see how truly beautiful this is you’ll want to own a piece for yourself.

You can see the Armand Jacoby collections at our store in Reston, VA. You can also visit our website for more information.

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