Is A Colored Gemstone Engagement Ring Right for You?

Clear diamond engagement rings are a timeless look. But they aren’t the only option for brides-to-be.

More and more we’re seeing a trend towards using colored gemstones in engagement rings. Why might you choose gemstones over diamonds? Here’s what we’re seeing:

The Bride Wants A Pop of Color On Her Hand

Recently we’ve heard couples say that diamonds are boring. While it certainly agonizes us to hear that (diamonds are glorious! don’t let anyone tell you differently!) we understand what they are getting at. “Classic” can often be another word for “conservative” and these couples want to break the mold.

In addition, the engagement ring, more so than the wedding bands, are considered to be a reflection of the bride-to-be’s personality. As such, she might not feel that diamonds suit her the best (although there are several very unique variations to be had with yellow, pink or brown diamonds).

The Bride Prefers A Certain Type Of Gemstone

Back in the glory days of high society, when ladies kept large collections of jewellery, many women had a “signature” stone or color. Some preferred topaz, garnet or emerald.

Although it may not be quite so common anymore, many women today still have a favorite gemstone — and if you’re going to make what may be the biggest jewelry investment of your life, why not have it feature your favorite stone?

The Bride Is Making A Vintage Statement

In point of fact, diamonds have only been popular in engagement rings since the beginning of De Beer’s Company’s famous marketing push in the 1930s. In fact, prior to the discovery of South African diamond mines, diamonds were far too rare and expensive for all but the wealthiest people.

So engagement rings were often made with other stones. The settings were very different as well. Victorians used a lot of flower motifs, for instance. Art Deco jewellry is quite geometric and ornate. And so on.

The great thing about vintage-style pieces is that they are just as timeless as the traditional diamond solitaire, but in a slightly different way. That way the bride doesn’t have to worry about her ring falling out of fashion as the years go by.

All this talk about gemstones is not to say that diamonds and other precious gems can’t mingle in harmony. In fact, some of the most gorgeous pieces we’ve seen do just that, using diamonds as an accent to highlight the vibrant color of the gem.

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