Hot Jewelry Trends for the Spring and Summer

The last several seasons have been all about the statement piece: big rings, necklaces, and earrings. Now, for the first time in a while, it’s about the up-close-and-personal details. Here are some trends we’re already seeing.

Rose Gold

Rose gold, a romantic favorite, has been making a comeback. And not just in necklaces and rings — Marc Jacobs released a rose gold watch, and it’s officially the new metallic of the year. Rose gold is made with copper, so it can be an earthy look as well and mix with neutrals as well as pastels. Try it and see how flexible it can be!

Midi Rings

This is a futuristic style featuring rings that rest not at the base of the finger, but below the first or second joint — or both! This is a variation of the stacked trend that we’ve been seeing recently, so don’t be afraid to mix and match styles and colors. You can also get cuff-style rings that will make the fit a bit easier and match your cuff bracelets.

Cuff bracelets

Similar to the midi rings, cuff bracelets aren’t confined to being loosely worn around the wrist. Anchor them higher up your forearm for an on-trend look. But if you’re not ready for bare arms just yet, a cuff still looks great loose. Please note that these are not the chunky cuffs from a few seasons ago — these are wire cuffs, similar to bangles. They are delicate and light, and that will do nicely in the muggy summer months.

Ear Cuffs

Ear cuffs are a trend that might not stick around for long, but are definitely hot at the moment. Inspired by alternative fashion in piercings, ear cuffs give you the look of bling around the back or top of the ear for an attention-getting detail without the pain. The style right now is for little details that add up to an eye-catching outfit, and ear cuffs certainly fit the bill in that regard.

It’s refreshing to see the wind change in fashion and renew our attention to craftsmanship and other details. Statement jewelry is bold and fun, but it’s nice to have low-key options for when you aren’t in the spotlight. What trends are you looking to try?

At Midtown Jewelers, we believe that jewelry is an art and a statement. Come down and see our curated collection of designers today.

What Jewelry and Accessories to Wear for Black Tie Events

Black tie events are fairly common around the Washington, D.C. area. In fact, sometimes it feels like any excuse will do for a fancy party! However, this can bring a great deal of “dress stress” along with it. Because dress codes are getting ever less prescriptive, the chances of a misstep increase.

Not to worry, though. With a little research and planning, you can make the best-dressed list every time.


Black tie events are not thrown together at the last minute, so there will invariably be an opportunity to ask about appropriate attire. You have two options: Ask friends or colleagues what they plan to wear, or call the facility hosting the event and ask what is customary. If there is a discrepancy, default to what your peers will be wearing.

The dress is the main source of concern for most women. No, it need not be black, and often, it need not be floor length (particularly for early evening or business-related functions.) What matters the most is that it be simple, stately, and elegant. By finding out the most suitable length of dress, the process of choosing one will be greatly simplified.


When you’ve chosen a simple dress, then you can choose your accessories. If your dress is too showy, it becomes difficult to add accessories without overdoing it. But if you choose a dress that is almost plain, you can add three or four stunning accessories and look like a million dollars.

Start with the shoes, because you’ll likely be standing most of the evening. They must be elegant and comfortable generally with a three inch heel or so.

Next is the bag and wrap, which should match. If you have a beautiful clutch, it is not too difficult to go out and find a wrap of the same color or style.

Next is the jewelry. Black tie events are formal, even today. That means fun and funky styles are out. Stick with gold, platinum, diamonds and pearls. You can’t go wrong with stud or button earrings. A simple necklace and a ring or two are all that’s needed to complete the look.

Remember, trying to get too fancy or baroque with your look is what’s going to make the outfit look overdone. But the accumulated effect of a simple chignon, an elegant dress, diamond studs and a drop necklace is one of considerable style and show-stopping effect.

Designer Spotlight: The Sylvie Collection

One of the most wonderful things about being a boutique jeweler (aside from helping hopeful brides and grooms select jewelry to symbolize their commitment to each other) is the opportunity to discover the best and most innovative designers in the industry.

The Sylvie Collection is designed by Sylvie Levine, who comes from a long line of diamond traders in Antwerp, Belgium. In fact, she and her husband ran a diamond trading firm, Spectrum Diamonds, before Sylvie struck out on her own to design fine jewelry. Her deep experience in the diamond trade enables her to source only conflict-free diamonds for her designs.

Uncompromising Quality

Sylvie’s drive and strong personality shine through her collection. There are few female designers in the industry, and fewer still gain the level of recognition that Sylvie has received. She is a fierce advocate for high-quality and commitment to craftsmanship. Not only are all the rings in the Sylvie Bridal Collection superbly crafted with matching bands, Sylvie also provides lifetime warranties for every ring she designs. This even includes the halo and pave styles, which contain dozens of tiny diamonds.

Superb Attention to Detail

At Midtown Jewelers, we love Sylvie not only for the exquisite styles she creates, but also because of the care and attention to detail towards the rings and their eventual owners that we strive to practice.

Sylvie’s Bridal Collection is divided into several styles with evocative names; Tendresse, Unity, Romance, Fidelite, Toujours, and Passion. Sylvie understands the romance and emotion that go into the choice of engagement and wedding rings.

Not content to simply produce a dazzling array of stunning styles, Sylvie delves further into the desires of the bride-to-be, and allows every design to be fully customizable. In Sylvie’s words: “Every woman who wears a Sylvie ring is an individual, with her own personality and unique sense of style. That is why Sylvie Collection is known for flexibility and every ring can be customized to fit her style and taste, allowing it to become a personal symbol of her passion.”

If customizing the ring of your dreams is important to you, come down to Midtown Jewelers and ask to look at the Sylvie Collection. You will be amazed at the wide array of styles and options available. Not only can you have the metal of your choice — yellow, white or rose gold or platinum — but each of the settings can be customized to any size, shape, or cut of diamond. You simply can’t go wrong with the Sylvie Bridal Collection.