Sapphire As An Engagement Ring?

An alternative to diamond in an engagement ring has long been sapphire. Sapphires represent love, truth, fidelity and commitment. Sapphire is an alternative choice for many of the rich and famous. Sapphire is also the birthstone for September.

Although it may appear to be new, sapphires have been used for centuries set in engagement rings.
If you believe in folklore you may find this bit interesting. During Medieval times, it was used to test truthfulness and fidelity. When a husband went away to fight, upon his return if the sapphire that his beloved had worn had faded or changed color it would prove that she had been unfaithful. It was also used as a test to see if a groom was worthy to be wed by the same means. Sapphire was also worn by Priests because they believed sapphire to symbolize purity and to ward off evil thoughts and temptations. Kings wore sapphire for protection.

You can be like the Royals. Royalty prefers sapphire engagement rings to diamond because sapphires are rarer. Prince Charles chose to present Princess Diana with a beautiful large faceted oval blue sapphire surrounded by round diamonds for her engagement ring. Passed on to Prince William, Diana’s ring was used to represent the engagement to his love Kate Middleton. Another Royal, Princess Anne also received a sapphire as her engagement ring. Elizabeth Taylor admired sapphires which also matched her eyes. She received a sapphire ring as her engagement ring from one of her many husbands.

How did Sapphires get its name? The word sapphire comes from the Latin word, Sapphirus which means blue. Sapphires over the ages were chosen by many because they were believed to resemble the “heavens” or blue sky. The most prized color sapphire is a deep velvet blue color. Sapphires, a form of corundum are cut in a variety of shapes and sizes. So you thought sapphires only came in blue? Sapphires are available in every color of the rainbow with exception of red which is ruby. Sapphires are second only to diamond in hardness on the Moh’s scale of hardness so they are a durable choice as an alternative. Sapphires rate 9 and diamonds rate 10 on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the hardest. Sapphire is the hardest of all of the blue gemstones.

Sapphire is a beautiful choice as an alternative to diamond used in an engagement ring. It looks beautiful in all colors and types of metal. Sapphire will add color and sparkle for a lifetime. With all of the many color choices of sapphire to choose from, what color will you choose?

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