Why Black Diamonds Should Be On Your Wishlist

Midtown Jewelers Talks About Black Diamonds – And Why You Should Want One

Maybe you have seen one of many celebrities wearing black diamonds on the Red Carpet. You might have thought that they were unattainable. However, these rare diamonds aren’t just for celebrities. They could be yours! Midtown Jewelers, Washington DC custom jewelry boutique, discusses why black diamonds are your new best friend and why you should want one.

What are black diamonds?

There are two types of black diamonds: black diamonds and fancy black diamonds. Even though both types are real, black diamonds are simply regular diamonds that have been turned black through heating. On the other hand, fancy black diamonds get their splendid color directly from Mother Nature. While other diamonds obtain their color from geological impurities, natural black diamonds receive their color from graphite.

Black diamonds are extremely rare. They are so rare that they have only been found in Brazil and Central America. Despite what you might be thinking, natural black diamonds are actually quite affordable. Heated black diamonds obviously cost less, but this is only because most people prefer to spend their money on the real thing.

In Italian culture black diamonds are believed to bring good fortune to an ailing marriage. Italians believed that touching the stone would cause the problems of a marriage to pass through the couple and enter the stone. We don’t know if this really works, but presenting your significant other with a fancy black diamond definitely won’t hurt your marriage!

Black Diamond Jewelry Ideas

Because black diamonds don’t reflect light they are usually cut in round and cushion-cut shapes. This makes it much easier to admire the rare beauty of the diamond. Black diamonds are used in both men and women’s jewelry. They can be used as the impressive centerpiece for cuff links, engagement rings, wedding bands, bracelets and necklaces. Whatever you choose, you can’t go wrong with a black diamonds.

Because of their rarity, black diamonds are only available at select diamond retailers. Fortunately, Midtown Jewelers specializes in unique pieces. For more information, please call or schedule a free consultation today.

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