Propose with Platinum, Because She Deserves the Best in Reston

You’ve known since the day you met that she was the one, and now is the time to act. You spoke to her dad last week, and he was thrilled: With his blessing, you’ll soon get down on bended knee to ask that all-important question.

“But,” he said. “My little girl will accept only the best. Her mother’s engagement ring was platinum, and so must hers be.” Platinum. I mean, of course you’ll take your soon-to-be father-in-law’s advice, but you’re not sure what the big deal is.

Well, it just so has it that Midtown Jewelers in Reston is the renowned expert in the big deal that is platinum.

What is the difference between platinum and white gold?

White gold appears naturally white in color, but it’s not, actually; white gold is an alloy created using yellow gold, and will need to be re-plated over time to maintain its white shine. Platinum, on the other hand, is a naturally white precious metal that will never lose its luster.

Why is platinum more expensive than gold?

Wait, platinum is more expensive?

Yes, platinum is more expensive than gold, but you’ll only ever buy one engagement ring, and remember, “only the best for his little girl.” Platinum is rare: In fact, 30 times more rare than gold. Not only does its rarity affect price, but to fashion a platinum engagement ring requires a higher level of craftsmanship.

What makes platinum so special?

It’s rare. Just like her. But there is much more to it than that.

Platinum is pure.

In addition to its natural, everlasting white color, platinum is typically 95 percent pure (whereas 18 karat gold is 75 percent pure). It never fades, never tarnishes, and is naturally hypoallergenic — perfect for your lady’s sensitive skin.

Platinum is versatile.

Platinum is the preferred medium of jewelry designers the world over, from Fabergé to Cartier. This precious metal is so remarkably versatile, and pliable — it can be drawn out to a fine wire, and made into any shape your heart, or hers desires.

How do I know that the ring is made of platinum?

Look for the hallmark. Each piece of platinum jewelry must be stamped with one of a few symbols or market to verify the high-quality, pure precious metal.

How can I tell platinum from other metals?

By its weight. Platinum is much denser than gold. A ring made of platinum will be approximately 40 percent heavier than an identical ring made of gold.

Reston’s premier fine jeweler, Midtown Jewelers, is the place to go, when only the finest platinum engagement ring will do for daddy’s little girl.

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