Hot Jewelry Trends for the Spring and Summer

The last several seasons have been all about the statement piece: big rings, necklaces, and earrings. Now, for the first time in a while, it’s about the up-close-and-personal details. Here are some trends we’re already seeing.

Rose Gold

Rose gold, a romantic favorite, has been making a comeback. And not just in necklaces and rings — Marc Jacobs released a rose gold watch, and it’s officially the new metallic of the year. Rose gold is made with copper, so it can be an earthy look as well and mix with neutrals as well as pastels. Try it and see how flexible it can be!

Midi Rings

This is a futuristic style featuring rings that rest not at the base of the finger, but below the first or second joint — or both! This is a variation of the stacked trend that we’ve been seeing recently, so don’t be afraid to mix and match styles and colors. You can also get cuff-style rings that will make the fit a bit easier and match your cuff bracelets.

Cuff bracelets

Similar to the midi rings, cuff bracelets aren’t confined to being loosely worn around the wrist. Anchor them higher up your forearm for an on-trend look. But if you’re not ready for bare arms just yet, a cuff still looks great loose. Please note that these are not the chunky cuffs from a few seasons ago — these are wire cuffs, similar to bangles. They are delicate and light, and that will do nicely in the muggy summer months.

Ear Cuffs

Ear cuffs are a trend that might not stick around for long, but are definitely hot at the moment. Inspired by alternative fashion in piercings, ear cuffs give you the look of bling around the back or top of the ear for an attention-getting detail without the pain. The style right now is for little details that add up to an eye-catching outfit, and ear cuffs certainly fit the bill in that regard.

It’s refreshing to see the wind change in fashion and renew our attention to craftsmanship and other details. Statement jewelry is bold and fun, but it’s nice to have low-key options for when you aren’t in the spotlight. What trends are you looking to try?

At Midtown Jewelers, we believe that jewelry is an art and a statement. Come down and see our curated collection of designers today.

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