He Planned the “Best Marriage Proposal of 2015”, And She Said Yes!

By now, you’ve seen it. Even if you haven’t taken the time to watch it, you’ve seen what’s been dubbed the “Best Marriage Proposal of 2015” appear, and then re-appear in your newsfeed over the last week. This guy, Dean Smith, wants to marry Jen, and he had what he thought was a brilliant idea: He’d ask her in secret every day for a year, and then he’d propose (for real life) on her birthday, on the beach in Aruba.

Spoiler alert: She said yes!

Watch it here:


We give the guy credit for pulling it off, and wish them many years of health and happiness. But. Yes, of course, there’s always a but. We’re not quite sure if it deserves the title of ‘best’. (Really, it’s only March!) Jen’s best? Absolutely. Dean’s best? For sure. But Midtown Jewelers’ best? Maybe not.

Now, these?

These are the best of the Internet’s best marriage proposals.





With a wish on pennies in the fountain at Georgetown Waterfront Park; on camera for the world’s cable subscribers to witness; as you brush your teeth; or simply on one knee after a romantic dinner at your favorite restaurant — whatever your idea of a dream proposal, there’s only one place to find her dream engagement ring, and that’s Midtown Jewelers in Reston, VA!

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