Designer Spotlight: Jorge Revilla

Do you favor sterling silver? Is organic and modern your style? Then we think you’ll love the work of designer Jorge Revilla. Together with his sister Gloria, he creates beautiful, unique jewelry with the modern woman in mind. His aim is to express the beauty of natural stones in silver settings. This passion fuels his work and leads to pieces that delight women around the world.

A Passion for Natural Stones

Jorge Revilla hails from Burgos, Spain. It’s a place renowned for its long tradition of fine sterling silver craftsmanship. That’s where Revilla began his fashion and design studies. He continued them in London. These experiences gave Revilla a passion for travel and world cultures. Of particular interest to him were the natural stones found in each country. In 1993, this fascination blossomed. Revilla decided to choose the most beautiful stones to represent each country. He then sold them in Spain. Three years later, he and his sister, also a designer, founded the Jorge Revilla Company.

Everyday Inspiration

The inspiration for Jorge Revilla’s work comes from all kinds of sources. Sometimes he designs a piece to showcase the beauty of a natural stone. Other times he starts with a shape and picks stones to enhance it. He is always creating. That’s because for him, his silver designs are a way of expressing himself. Changing seasons and shifting rhythms might inspire a piece. Anything from an event, a place, or a person to a fleeting moment or a sip of wine can prompt him to make something new. The many cultures that blend in his native Spain influence his work, too. No matter the inspiration, though, Jorge Revilla designs for the modern woman and her needs.

Signature Style

To Jorge Revilla, silver is the ultimate material for bringing his visions to life. He gets his stones directly from their place of origin. He picks each one for its superior qualities. Then he brings metal and stone together. His designs are at once sophisticated, sensual, and warm. He blends patterns and textures with the natural smoothness of his materials. He chooses shapes that reflect the world around him. The arrival of Jorge Revilla’s lines in the United States has sparked excitement across the country.

The Ultimate in Sterling Silver Collection

The latest collection from Jorge Revilla is called The Ultimate in Sterling Silver. Of course, it features the silver and natural stones that he’s known for. However, this new line also features pieces that use other metals. These include rose gold, yellow gold, and ruthenium.

If you’re excited to see what Jorge Revilla’s designs are all about, stop by Midtown Jewelers today. We would be happy to show you!

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