Vintage Engagement Rings Inspired By Non-traditional Trends

For years now, the traditional engagement ring has been a diamond solitaire in a platinum or white gold setting. It’s simple, timeless, elegant, and it goes with absolutely everything.

But some brides want to stand out, and recently we’re seeing a trend for vintage-inspired pieces. Call it indie, call it retro, or just call it remembering the good old days, more and more couples are choosing rings that their grandparents might have picked out.

Colored Stones

In the late 19th century, diamonds were still relatively rare, and exceedingly hard to cut. As a consequence, colored stones like pink and blue sapphires, rubies, emeralds and pearls were more popular choices. Like brides have wedding colors today, the high society brides of yesteryear sometimes had signature stones, and engagement rings were chosen to complement her personality as well as the rest of her jewelry.

Traditional Metals

In those days, jewellers had not yet learned to work with platinum, so naturally gold was the only choice. Yellow gold is timeless, and the traditional symbol of untarnishable affection, but rose gold, an alloy of copper and yellow gold, is also coming back, and the pinkish tone is not just wonderfully romantic, but complements certain stones very beautifully.

Settings and Motifs

Vintage rings sometimes seem rather baroque compared to the streamlined styles we’re familiar with now. Not only are the settings complex and the bands filigreed, there are often motifs such as birds, leafs and flowers adding to the statement of the ring.

Luckily, designers are bringing back many of these design elements. If you’re seeking out the vintage style engagement ring of your dreams, we will be happy to show you designers who are working with these traditional and old-fashioned rings.