Vendor Spotlight: Hikari Pearl Co.

The pearl has been known since ancient times as The Queen of Gems. Legend had it that oysters would rise from the sea in during a full moon and a pearl would be born from a drop of dew.

The Hikari Pearl Company has a long history of creating pearl and fine gemstone jewelry. Their roots extend back into the bedrock of the Japanese Pearl industry, the Mie Prefecture, where the formerly mysterious process of forming pearls was cracked, rescuing the pearl industry from overfishing.

Pearls From Around The Globe

There are many types of pearls in every color of the rainbow, and Hikari Pearl Company creates glorious settings to display their innate lustre.

Their Freshwater pearl collection contains not only the standard white pearls, but “chocolate” and multicolored strands as well. It takes a discerning eye to sort through thousands of pearls and hand-match them to the most pleasing effect.

They are not put off by unusual shapes, either. Most jewelry designs use “gem” or perfectly rounded pearls. They fetch a premium, but it’s so delightful to see what a master craftsperson can make with unusual materials. In the same collection, you can look at their “Coin” necklaces, made from pearls that have a flattened profile.

They also make use of the “petal” shaped pearls, creating a dramatic mass of beautiful gems that looks artless, not overdone.

The Midas Touch

One of our favorite Hikari collections is the Gold South Seas Pearl collection. True to its name, these rare pearls are exactly the same color as yellow gold.

When you start to look at the Hikari workmanship, you can see that they are not merely designers of ordinary pearl jewelry. They have an equal amount of craftsmanship in goldsmithing and handling other gemstones.

The Golden South Sea Pearl Necklace with matching earrings is one such example. It nestles more than half a dozen pearls on a gloriously detailed gold leaf sculpture and highlights the arrangement with diamonds to mimic sparkling drops of dew. You won’t be able to look at it without wanting to try it on!

Natural Wonders

The Hikari Pearl Company maintains its closeness with the natural world, with many of its jewelry designs being directly inspired by natural wonders.

Look at its Nature Collection, for example. It’s full of the most delightfully wrought animals, sculpted in minuscule proportions, then set with precious gems.

The skill and artistry of Hikari Pearl Company has to be witnessed to be believed. Visit Midtown Jewelers today to view our collection!