Unique Wedding Band Ideas

Unique wedding bandsunique wedding bands 1

With all the fuss on the topic of engagement rings, the wedding band — the sturdy, less flashy sister to the engagement ring — is rarely mentioned at all. Although many brides do tend to go with the simple and traditional unadorned bands, there are many more styles to wedding bands than you may be aware of.

Updated Traditional Wedding Bands

Plain gold bands like our mothers and grandmothers wore often symbolize a happy and enduring marriage in our hearts and minds. But if you long for a little more ornamentation, pave bands, with diamonds all the way around, are classic, but still eye-catching. Colored stones like pink or blue sapphire, or yellow diamonds, staples of 19th-century fashion, are also coming back to fourth fingers everywhere.

Vintage Inspired Wedding Bands

In times past, women only had one wedding ring. That meant that it got the ornamentation that today we associate with the engagement ring. These vintage-inspired styles are back, with engraved scroll designs, raised borders (milgrain edges) and filigree.

Edgily Stacked Wedding Bands

If ‘rebel’ is your middle name, you can style ‘stacked’ wedding bands. Multiple eternity rings (two, three or even more) in a variety of designs is a modern and flexible look. If you’ve never thought outside the ‘plain gold wedding band’ box before, we invite you to come down and talk to us at Midtown Jewelers. Our experienced staff can help you find the wedding band of your dreams.