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The history of the Tutima brand began in Glashütte Germany, a mythical city of horology whose name is known all over the globe as a byword for the best and most exclusive timepieces in the world. And a place in which Tutima is now once again present with a subsidiary, an exclusive production workshop in a building listed as a historic monument: the old railway maintenance depot in Glashütte. Most know Tutima for its modestly priced but beautiful pilots’ watches.

Tutima Quality

The Tutima founders derived the Tutima name from the Latin adjective “tutus,” which traslates as “safe” or “protected”. No small wonder then that Tutima is the trusted name for military and air force units worldwide. Tutima’s traditional timepieces rise to the challenge of presenting you as a man who is secure in himself and one who stands alone

Tutima watches have always represented uncompromising mechanical quality and systematic functionality. What’s more, an airplane cockpit is undeniably the toughest test lab for a timepiece: factors such as severe vibration, extreme acceleration, and enormous temperature fluctuation are acid test criteria for the accuracy of any mechanical watch movement. Anything that is to be trusted by pilots and top athletes in extreme situations has to include one thing above all: confidence in itself. Visit Midtown Jewelers in Reston Town Center and view our beautiful Tutima timepieces in person.