Trending Engagement Ring Styles

Midtown Jewelers has been in the wedding jewelry business for decades. As a person, it’s so wonderful to see happy couples day after day, on the cusp of starting their lives together. And as a gemologist and jeweler, it’s inspiring to see the endless variations that designers come up with for a humble symbol of everlasting devotion.

This is what’s going home with couples recently:

Floral motifs

This is a vintage-inspired style that makes the bride-to-be feel like a princess. Tiny metal flowers, holding stones or not, entwining the band are wonderfully romantic and very popular

Horizontal Settings

Also known as East-West settings, this is the trend of oblong or non-round stones being set sideways on the band, instead of their more traditional setting of vertically, following the line of the finger.

Mixed Metals

This innovative look is great for the indie bride. No longer boxed in by the choice of only a single metal, now you can choose from hundreds of unique designs in two or even three colors, a style sure to make everyone stop and stare.

Colored Stones

So-called “fancy” diamonds are definitely trending. It’s the tradition of the diamond coupled with the individuality of a pink or yellow stone. Vintage picks like sapphire and ruby are also making a comeback.

Twisted Bands

This helix style of ring is fairly new, but it’s so chic and sophisticated, we predict that it will catch on like wildfire. With or without rows of diamond sparkle these elegant bands murmur “Class.”