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Lis & Scott

The day Scott planned to pop the question to Lis, nothing was going right. It was too cold and windy to propose by the 30 foot neighborhood Christmas tree, and all his attempts to convince her to go out to a fancy dinner were being turned down (she was tired from a 12 hour work day). So he decided, after taking their beagle for a walk, to just march inside, interrupt her folding laundry, and get down on one knee. He said, “I can’t wait any longer, will you marry me?” And she said, “Yes!” Now that it was time to celebrate, Scott said, “Let’s go out to eat! We could go get oysters, or go to that fancy French restaurant.” Then, he said jokingly, “Or we could meet up with our friends who at your favorite Mexican restaurant down the street.” Even though he was joking, it really is Lis’s favorite Mexican restaurant and on top of that she was excited to share the news of their engagement with their friends. So they went out for Mexican food and celebrated in style. Lis even showed off her new ring over a burrito.
Lis and Scott

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