Nathalie & Peter

Midtown Jewelers was the perfect store for me to find everything I could have wanted related to my wedding. My now husband had consultations with them a few times to make sure it was the perfect diamond and setting for me. Bobby Singh and his team guided him through the process and made it as low stress as possible. Naturally after getting engaged in the Bahamas we returned to Midtown Jewelers for our wedding bands along with some special jewelry for the rehearsal dinner for both myself as well as presents for the wedding party. We even purchased beautiful gold plated red roses for our moms to remember the occasion by (Midtown has almost every color of rose you can imagine!). The entire staff is a pleasure, very knowledgeable, extremely helpful and always friendly. We return quite frequently to peruse the selection of beautiful jewelry, adding to my wish list but also expanding my collection. Walking in and having them know your name and small personal details helps make the experience of buying jewelry from Bobby and team so much more enjoyable.

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Pete & McKenzie

Sorry for the delayed reply. Things have been such a whirlwind since my return. But yes, she absolutely loves the ring. She is completely satisfied and it actually exceeded her expectations. The joy for me is seeing all her friends and all our acquaintances genuinely impressed with how awesome it is! Many thanks to you and your awesome team for assisting and being so accommodating. Please tell Stephanie and Afroza thank you as well. It truly was the perfect ring and diamond As soon as I figure out the other plans I will contact you for the wedding band. I’ve attached a picture just so you can see the jubilation the ring brought. Thanks again,

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