Charlie & Clarissa – Crabtree Falls (Outside Charlottesville, VA)

The plan was simple but it needed some development. Previously, I had bought the Sylvie solitaire ring with round diamond I discovered while we went ring shopping at Midtown Jewelers in Reston. Clarissa immediately fell in love with it. Two weeks later I bought the ring but I had no idea “how” or “where” I was going to propose to her. Our journey began on a stormy Friday evening, rushing to Charlottesville to meet our friends. They were already prefaced with the “plan.” We made it through the storm and the plan was on schedule. The next morning we were dressed and ready to go to our destination, Crabtree Falls, just outside of Charlottesville to the southwest. The views of the waterfalls were breath-taking and the sound was invigorating. . I asked her “what would be her perfect engagement.” She replied, “This!” I laughed and we began to head down to a spot where I marked for the “ring presentation.” It was a bench right by the waterfalls where you able to enjoy a little bit of privacy. I asked her to sit on the bench, and told her I had a surprise. Immediately I could see the excitement in her eyes.

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Tammy & Terry

In today’s world we are often inundated with choices, with significant purchase decisions often linked to your true love in life, this fact has never been more true. I learned from others that Midtown Jewelers already had the reputation for exquisite jewelry, unique in every way, and of course priced right. Often that is enough for many of us to make a purchase there. However, I quickly learned that this comfortable environment offered me so much importantly more. What is very apparent at Midtown Jewelers is the passion that Bobby Singh and team exudes once you enter this wonderful establishment. Bobby’s humble professionalism and talent for the right piece for specifically YOU the customer, is truly a breath fresh air. My beautiful wife and I had no indecision’s once we experienced the Midtown difference. Our rings were perfect and I have often returned for other purchases and use of the terrific services this great store provides. The jewelry, the offering, the value, the people, and most importantly the satisfaction one gets shopping here, Midtown Jewelers thank you for being apart of our lives.

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