Purchasing an Engagement Ring

Purchasing an engagement ring is a big decision and can be a tough one as well. But don’t let the frustration that searching for an engagement ring can cause ruin your engagement. Think positively and shop around, read reviews, and even ask people you trust for recommendations.

Shopping Around

Shopping for an engagement ring can get a little annoying at times with so many places selling so many different styles of rings. However, if you have a style in mind it can be a little easier. For most men, independent stores are the best option because you can physically see the rings, diamonds, and any other stone you may want. Being able the see the rings in person can help you find the perfect ring and see how it will actually look rather than relying on a picture. Sure, they say a picture can be worth a thousand words, but it does not even compare to physically holding the ring in hand and seeing just how pretty it is and how the diamond sparkles in the light, showing off its beauty.

Reading Reviews

Reading reviews and listening to word of mouth are great ways to help you find a jewelry store that is perfect for you. When reading reviews you will want to check the credibility of the company; are they professional, friendly, and courteous, or are they careless, lazy, and unprofessional? What is the quality of the company’s work? Is it excellent, with flawless cut diamonds and beautifully polished rings that shine, or is it poor, with bent ring bands or dull diamonds that may look unclean? Do people recommend them outright or tell you to never go there? Pricing is also something to consider. You should know if the company charges higher prices than their competitor for the same quality work or if the quality is better and that is why they charge more.

Deciding on the Perfect Engagement Ring

There is a lot to consider when buying an engagement ring such as:

• Size: What size ring does the person you are buying for wear?
• Material of band: Do you want gold, silver, white gold, stainless steel, etc…
• Grade of diamond: What karat of diamond are you looking for?
• Diamond Shape: What diamond shape do you want round, heart, princess, emerald, etc…

With all this in mind call Midtown Jewelers today and let them help you find the perfect engagement ring that will make your special someone very happy.