Perfect Gift for the Perfect 2015 High School Grad, at Reston’s Midtown Jewelers

Hey, Mom and Dad: You did it.

You raised that kid up right, and now’s the time they’ll fly the nest. Your son or daughter is graduating from high school; you’re so proud, and you want to find the most absolutely perfect graduation gift.

Reston, Virginia’s preeminent fine jeweler, Midtown Jewelers has just the thing for your favorite 2015 grad:

Charles Garnier Sterling Silver circle earrings | Reston VA fine jeweler

14k White Gold Diamond and Sapphire Necklace by Gabriel & Co. | Reston VA fine jeweler 18k White Gold Black Pearl and Diamond Ring
Jorge Revilla Ocean Cuff with pearls, blue topaz and sapphire in sterling silver | Reston Virginia fine jeweler RaymondWeil_LadiesWatch

Visit Midtown Jewelers today, for the perfect graduation gift that says, “We’re so proud of you.” in the most perfect way.