A Look at Non-Diamond Engagement Rings

As you probably know, diamonds are the stone traditionally found in engagement rings. This clear, sparkly stone is still a top choice. But more and more brides are breaking with tradition. It makes sense that engagement rings are being reconsidered, too.

Brides cite all kinds of reasons for opting out of the diamond route. Some find diamonds too tacky or commonplace. Others like colored stones or custom creations better. Some can’t justify paying the price tag that comes with diamonds. Still others have ethical concerns. Whatever your reasons, here are some alternatives you might prefer.

Go for a Gemstone

Some women adore color. They’ll even opt for a brilliantly hued gemstone in their engagement ring. Never mind the risk of their ring clashing with their outfit or manicure. If they’ve always wanted a colorful ring, then that’s what they’ll get.

Does that sound like you? If so, a gemstone might be the ring approach for you. Almost anything goes in terms of stones you can choose. Popular options include emerald, topaz, ruby, sapphire, opal, amethyst, and even pearl. You may also be interested in going with your birthstone.

Lose the Stone Altogether

Intricate metalwork. Unique materials. Interesting textures. Unusual shapes. There are some stunning stone-free rings out there. And no stone means no sparkle. These rings make a great choice for people seeking a more subtle look.

Another benefit of stoneless rings? They may be more durable and have a lower profile than a ring with a stone. That can be good if you’re hard on jewelry or have a job where a big ring might get in the way.

Opt for a Custom Creation

Nothing is more unique than a ring created just for you. Going the custom route also allows you to be more involved in the process. You may be able to choose everything, right down to the exact materials used in your ring. And since it will be made for your hand, you can be sure the fit will be perfect.

Ultimately, the Choice Is Yours

Non-diamond engagement rings aren’t for everyone. For one thing, they’re less traditional. For another, some stones and metals come with specific care instructions you may not want to deal with. What’s important is that you get the right ring for you.

What kind of engagement ring are you dreaming of? Midtown Jewelers has it all. Whether you prefer the diamond route or want something less traditional, we’ll help you find your perfect ring. Stop in today to see what we can do for you!