How To Wear Wedding Rings

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Any custom with as much personal and societal significance as wedding rings has many customs and traditions associated with it. A short primer on wedding ring customs can easily set your mind at ease.

Wedding rings are worn closest to the hand (closer to the heart, you might say) with the engagement ring worn on the outside, closest to the fingertip.

In some cultures, wedding rings are worn on the right hand, not the left. Not all cultural traditions need to be followed, but it’s good to know what they are and be respectful of them.

Many brides question whether the engagement ring should be worn at the wedding. This is up to the bride. Common solutions are to wear the engagement ring on the right hand, and move it over to the left after the wedding ring has been put on. You can also leave the engagement ring on the left hand and simply switch the order after the ceremony. Or, you can leave the engagement ring someplace safe during the ceremony, and put it on later.

Few Tips For Wearing Your Rings Through The Years:

  • Take off your rings if you are getting your hands wet or dirty. Water makes your fingers shrink and you could lose them. And dirt is terrible to get out of stone settings.

  • Because a wedding band does not have a stone setting to grip onto, some brides order their wedding band slightly larger than the engagement ring. The tighter engagement ring will keep the wedding band in place, but the wedding band will come off more easily when you need it to.

  • If your fingers change size over the years, you can sometimes get your rings resized. But if that’s not an option, looping them around your neck on a gold chain will keep them close to your heart.

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