How to Choose An Engagement Ring

how to choose an engagement ring

Choosing an engagement ring is an important decision. You are choosing an item that the bride-to-be will be wearing every day for the rest of her life. Here are some things to think about.

Familiarize Yourself With Terminology

It’s a time-honored tradition to learn about the 4Cs of diamonds; cut, color, clarity and carat. But you will also want to understand terms like band, setting, bezel, filigree, pave and milgrain.

Set Your Engagement Ring Budget

There are far too many rings out there for you not to take the sensible step of determining how much you want to spend. There are various rules of thumb for how much to spend, but the only hard and fast one is how much you feel comfortable spending. Keep in mind, however, that daily wear over a lifetime means that an engagement ring is more of an investment than a splurge.

Consider Practicalities

If your future bride is an outdoors-woman, or works with her hands a lot, a high profile setting may not be for her. Even something as simple as handling paperwork daily can wear away the finish on white gold (in which case platinum might be a better choice).

Consider Not Doing It Alone

Some people want the ring to be a surprise, others don’t. Even if you know for sure it should be a surprise, you can improve your chances of getting it right. You can ask a trusted girlfriend to take her to a jewelry store ‘just for fun’ and report back what styles she likes. You might have reason to take her into a jeweler ‘to get your watch fixed’ and have fun browsing together that way. Keep your eyes and ears open and you’re sure to make a great choice.

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