Hot Trends For Engagement Rings

Hot Trends In Engagement Rings

Every bride-to-be faces a choice when picking out her wedding and engagement rings: what will adequately express her individuality, yet still remain a classic style that she’ll remain proud to wear in the years to come. We’ve put together some of the top trends at the moment.

Vintage-style Rings

True vintage rings can be hard to find, and you can’t exactly customize them. Luckily, designers have recently taken inspiration from vintage jewelry to create works of art that are both timely and classic.

Non-traditional Diamond Shape or Settings

The fashion is moving away from the standard brilliant-cut diamonds, and in its place come emerald-cut, pear-cut, cushion-cut and more. Designers are also experimenting with non-standard settings, putting diamonds in horizontal settings (across the width of the finger, not the length) and we’ve even seen some settings off at an angle, which is an eye-catching detail.


Halo style engagement rings are also making a comeback. Halos are rings of smaller diamonds set around the main solitaire, and sometimes also around the band. It’s a hot look right now with celebrities, and the rows of tiny diamonds make the main diamond look larger and more brilliant by comparison.


Seeing Princess Diana’s stunning ring on Kate Middleton has brought colors back with a vengeance in engagement ring fashions. Not only are brides picking out colorful diamonds, but gemstones like garnet, sapphire and ruby are also appearing. Pink and yellow diamonds are also being set to memorable effect in rose gold or old-fashioned yellow gold, although the more modern designs are sticking with platinum.


Designers are going wild with the new craze for detailed bands and settings like in Angelina Jolie’s unusual matte finish. Pebbled, etched, and ribbed designs are becoming popular, as are details like roses or leaves molded into the bands and settings.

Whatever your desire, we can help you find the perfect engagement ring at Midtown Jewelers.