Fine Jewelry Needs Proper TLC

A piece of fine jewelry is an investment, and if cared for properly, can pass from generation to generation as a family heirloom. Millions of people wear jewelry every day, but few realize that, with limited effort, they can protect and preserve the luster of their baubles for years to come.

Remove jewelry when washing dishes or gardening. 

Manual tasks like washing dishes or gardening could potentially cause physical damage to your jewelry, while chemicals found in cleaning fluids can tarnish or discolor the metal and stones. Midtown Jewelers recommends removing your jewelry before cleaning the house or performing other such tasks.

Remove jewelry before taking a dip.

Just as cleaning fluids can damage your jewelry, so too can the chlorine used in swimming pools and spa tubs. If you wish to avoid discoloration and potential structural damage, it is very important to ensure that your gems don’t come into contact with chlorinated water.

Remove jewelry when playing contact sports.

Imagine rounding up the cousins for a game of football after your family’s big holiday dinner. It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt. Not only could a hard blow damage your ring, your ring could inflict injury on the person with whom you collide. Take your jewelry off before playing contact sports.

Clean your jewelry with care.

For best results, use only a special polishing cloth on silver or gold, and don’t ever use tissue or paper towel, which can leave scratches on the delicate metal surface. Midtown also recommends the purchase of commercial-grade jewelry cleaner; these are made specifically for cleaning fine jewelry, and are guaranteed to remove dirt and debris without harm.

Also know that Midtown Jewelers will professionally clean any piece of jewelry purchased in our store, free of charge, and as often as you’d like.

Inspect your jewelry on a regular basis. 

This is so important to remember, we’ll reiterate it: Fine jewelry is an investment, and should be treated as such. The best way to care for your treasures is to protect them. Regular inspection will draw your attention to minor issues — loose stones, for example — so that they may be corrected before further deterioration may occur.

Do not try to clean damaged jewelry.

Excessive handling of jewelry that is cracked or broken could only serve to make the problem worse. If you have a piece that is damaged and needs fixing, contact the jewelry repair specialists at Midtown Jewelers of Fairfax County today.