Fall 2013 Wedding Fashion Trends

Fall is here! With the change in seasons come new directions in wedding fashion. More and more couples are setting autumn wedding dates. So what’s in this season?

Here are some of the hottest trends we’re seeing for this fall’s weddings.

Short Is the New Long

Temperatures are falling, but hemlines are getting shorter. Wedding dresses cut to about knee length are gaining popularity. Some brides might worry they’ll be cold wearing a shorter dress as the weather cools. But wedding day excitement is almost guaranteed to keep you warm. The shorter length also opens up options for accessories like shawls and wraps to ward off the chill.

The Shoes Make the Outfit

Brides who adore shoes will love what shorter dresses mean for footwear. Since your feet will be visible all night, shoe choice is even more important. Longer dresses cover up everything but a hint of the toe. But this season’s dresses give brides a chance to showcase the shoes they choose.

White Is Out, Ivory Is In

This season more than ever, brides are setting aside the traditional bright white. They’re choosing dresses in creamier shades of ivory instead. Ivory is less harsh than stark white and looks great with lots of different complexions. On top of that, its warm tones go perfectly with the colors of fall.

Focus on the Back

Walking down the aisle. Standing at the altar. Dancing the night away. If there’s ever a time to make sure your back looks good, it’s your wedding day. Rows of tiny buttons, flounces of tulle, and swooping backs covered by delicate lace are popular. Brides this season are taking care they look good from all angles.

Break with Ring Tradition

A couple’s wedding rings get lots of attention on the big day. They’re also a symbol of love to be worn for years to come. Designers have been introducing more unique wedding bands in recent years. We’re seeing more and more brides breaking with the traditional look. They’re choosing designs that include color, swirls, shapes, and inspiration from nature instead.

What wedding trends do you have your heart set on this season? Midtown Jewelers is at your service. We’ll help you choose the perfect rings and bridal jewelry for your big, beautiful day. You can browse our bridal jewelry by designer or stop in to see our selection in person.

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