Engagement Ring Trends

We’ve been in the jewelry business long enough to see lots of wedding trends come and go. Engagement rings are no exception. The latest trend? Women want rings that are customized instead of cookie-cutter. They want rings that reflects their unique styles and personalities.

For many brides-to-be, the classic single diamond look is out. What’s taking its place? Here are a few trends we’re seeing.

What’s Old Is New

Vintage-inspired rings are back in fashion. Think about the jewelry worn by characters in shows like Downton Abbey. The intricate metal and gem work on these rings is subtle, feminine, and sophisticated. Want to feel like you just stepped out of your favorite classic movie? The vintage route might be for you.

Color Is Classy

Many women are considering color as a possible ring route. Sapphires, rubies, emeralds, and other precious stones are becoming more common in engagement rings. So are colored diamonds. These natural beauties come in shades of blue, red, brown, and even yellow. That means you can have your diamond and still add a little color if that’s what you want.

More or Less Bling Is the Thing

Some couples are looking for huge diamonds like the ones worn by their favorite stars. Others are opting for smaller diamonds of higher quality. Diamonds that have better clarity and color sparkle more.

If more bling isn’t for you, there’s another trend in engagement rings you might like. Eternity bands have small gems or repeated patterns all the way around the band instead of just the featured setting on top. They may be visually subtle. The sentiment they stand for is anything but, though. The uniform pattern running around the ring represents endless love.

Mixing It Up Is In

You may have heard terms like “pear-cut” or “cushion-cut.” These more distinct cuts are taking the place of the traditional round-cut diamond we’re used to seeing in engagement rings. Arrangements of smaller stones are replacing the single large stone of years past, too.

The popularity of traditional platinum is decreasing as well. Other precious metals like white and yellow gold are showing up in rings instead. More couples are also choosing to get custom rings made. That means we’ll most likely see even more variety.

Which trend is your favorite?

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