How Dirty Are Your Rings?

Did you know that most of the jewelry sold in the United States never gets cleaned? People spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on a beautiful ring. They wear it every day for years. But they never take it in for a professional cleaning.

So how dirty are your rings? And why should you bother getting them cleaned by a professional?

First, things like dust and cosmetics can collect on your rings, making them look dirty. Common sense tells us to clean dirty things. So when a ring starts to look dull or tarnished, it’s time to clean it. An older piece of jewelry can look like new after a thorough cleaning. It’s also an excellent way to keep your favorite new piece beautiful for years to come.

Even better, routine cleanings (whether or not a piece looks dirty) can be very beneficial for your rings. These are like the regular oil changes you get for your car. They allow your jeweler to check for loose stones or fastenings while he cleans. He can then fix the problem before a diamond falls out or a joint breaks.

But there’s an even less visible reason to clean your rings: germs. As you go about your day, your hands come in contact with all kinds of bacteria. All those prongs and crannies on your rings are perfect places for these germs to lurk. And while you can wash away germs from your hands with a little soap and water, the same isn’t true for your jewelry. The bacteria builds up alongside the grime and dirt.

As we all know, germs can cause illness. This is even more important as we approach winter, when people get sick more easily. The buildup of bacteria-laden dirt can also cause rashes to break out where the ring touches your finger. These rashes are most likely caused by the dirt in your ring irritating your skin. Often a thorough, professional cleaning will clear away the source of the irritation — and with it, the rash.

Ideally, you should have your rings cleaned several times a year. This will keep your rings clean and in good condition. It will also keep bacteria buildup to a minimum and ensure your rings aren’t making you sick.

Did you know that Midtown Jewelers offers complimentary ring cleaning? We’ll wash away the dirt and germs, even if you can’t see them yet. Our cleaning area is open so you can watch. That way you’ll know your ring is being well taken care of. And you might even learn a little about the cleaning process, too! Stop in today to take advantage of this service.