Romance Diamond Bridal Collection

The Romance Diamond Bridal Collection is a hallmark of a family-owned jewelry business, which began in 1975. As they the company prepares to enter its 40th year of doing business, the founder’s children continue to carry on the legacy of their father, who began the endeavor with a dream to create beautiful jewelry and a promise to deliver stellar quality and customer service. Stunning design and superb quality are the trademarks of a Romance Diamond ring. The rings are manufactured in their own state of the art facility- ensuring the quality of each meticulous, highly detailed design.  From the initial sketches from their designers, they create the ring utilizing the latest scientific methods in CAD and CAM processes. The team follows through with incredible attention to detail and exacting standards, so they can deliver a true piece of art. From the metals to their diamonds, the quality is unmistakable.

Romance utilizes the patented Precise-White™ gold alloy, which offers the pristine whiteness of platinum without the high cost. It received a Premium rating when tested by the American Assay and Gemological Office.  This advanced white metal can easily be finished and is not as brittle as other white metal alloys for lasting brightness and durability. Romance rings are designed and manufactured so well that we back them with our Lifetime Warranty against defects in quality and workmanship.

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