Custom Designs Made Easy

Sapphires Custom

Everything old can be new again with a custom design from Midtown Jewelers. With a little imagination and craftsmanship we can use your old stones and gold to create an up to date one of a kind piece you can treasure forever. Whether your jewelry is from an old flame or a favorite aunt we can customize and restyle almost anything you have in your jewelry box.

The process of making a custom piece is as follows:

1. Set up an appointment with our in-store designer. We will sit down and discuss what you are looking to redesign and make suggestions based on budget, style, and taste.

2. At this point we will draw a sketch of the project, more than one sketch may be required. Once the drawing is approved and customer is comfortable with the design, we will move forward. Next we create a CAD design, this is very similar to an architectural design. The computer aided design will showcase a three dimensional image of the design.

3. Once the CAD design is completed and everything appears be on par with our design criteria, a wax mold of the piece is created for the customer to view and try on. At this point only small modifications can be made to the original design. Once approved, the final jewelry piece will be ready usually within 2 weeks. If for any reason the design is not what the customer was expecting, I will sit down and discuss changes with the customer and a new CAD design will be required prior to having a new wax.

The entire process takes approximately 3 to 4 weeks. Prior to the CAD design, the customer will receive a detailed estimate of the custom project. Contrary to popular belief, a custom design is truly affordable. It is a very satisfying experience to create a beautiful piece of jewelry that will stand the test of time.

Custom Design Process