Clarity-Enhanced Diamonds

Clarity Enhanced Diamonds

Many jewelers are conflicted about clarity-enhanced diamonds. Clarity-enhanced diamonds are flawed gems that have had the fissures and cracks in the stone filled in a laboratory as a way to make them appear as clear and brilliant as flawless diamonds.Because the clarity-enhanced diamonds are made from much lower-quality stock, they sell for much less than un-enhanced diamonds.

Diamonds are a status symbol, and in this age of consumer appetites, many jewelers feel that if there’s a demand, they should fulfill it. At Midtown Jewelers, we disagree.

Top Quality, Conflict-Free, Natural Diamonds

We only stock top quality, conflict-free, natural diamonds, even though we may be losing customers by doing so. Why? Because of what we feel a diamond represents.

A diamond is an object of perfection, created in an imperfect world. It is beautiful, brilliant, and nearly indestructible. That is why we wear them as symbols of true love. We do not feel that a clarity-enhanced diamond is at all a commensurate signifier as a natural diamond.

Perfect Diamonds Are Rare

Perfect diamonds are rare. Flawless, gem-sized, clear and sparkling diamonds are exceedingly rare; and they are valued according to that rarity, so that you can have the pride and satisfaction of wearing an object that is as close to objective perfection as is possible in nature.

Buying a clarity enhanced diamond makes even less sense than buying a lab-grown diamond. When buyers buy lab-grown diamonds, they know that they are pretending to a luxury that they do not actually possess, but want to be seen to possess by others. When they buy a clarity-enhanced diamond they do much the same thing, but pay more money for it. It’s like buying a knock-off Birkin for almost as much as the original is worth.

For these reasons, we neither stock, nor recommend, clarity enhanced diamonds at Midtown Jewelers, but we are proud to offer some of the most precious, authentic gems and jewelry on the market.