Choosing a Man’s Wedding Ring

Choosing the perfect ring can be a tough decision. There are a lot of factors that need to be considered when buying a ring besides the standard size and look. When you do find the perfect ring, though, it will make all the frustration worth it.

Tips to Help on Deciding the Ring for You

Choose a wedding ring appropriate for your lifestyle:

• Can you wear your wedding ring while you work?
• Do you work with your hands – will manual labor be tough on your ring?
• Will you wear your wedding ring every day?
• Will you play sport while wearing your wedding ring?

Choose a men’s wedding ring that reflects your personality

• Do you like the idea of having something a little different – but not too different?
• Is your fiancée encouraging you to choose something a little different but you’re not yet convinced?
• Are you an engineer or technically minded person who is looking for the latest technology?
• Are you bold and daring?
• Does your cultural or ethnic background make a particular type of ring style appealing to you?

How to Choose a Comfortable Wedding Ring

Choosing a comfortable ring is very important to most men because often they haven’t worn a ring habitually before and they fear that wearing rings will be uncomfortable. But it doesn’t have to be; there are rings that can be made with a comfort curve. A comfort curve is a ring that is curved on the inside of the band, rather than having a flat surface on the inside of the ring.

Narrowing Your Options

Gone are the days of the plain gold band. You have a lot of options, so let’s look at them briefly.

• Choosing matching wedding rings can give a romantic feel but it also can limit the styles available for your fiancee’s rings, since not all bridal sets have a matching groom’s ring designed for them

• Should your men’s wedding ring include gemstones? You should consider the type of work that you do and the sports you play if you’re considering gemstones. Gemstones can be lost if the ring is knocked around through manual labor and some sporting activities. Also, not all gemstones are suitable to be worn in wedding rings as well. Some gemstones are more fragile than others. The gemstones that are suitable to be worn in wedding rings are diamonds, sapphires, and rubies.

Choosing Your Men’s Wedding Ring Design

Traditionally men chose simple gold wedding bands to symbolize their love. With the ever-expanding range of options available, however, men have increasingly been moving away from the traditional gold wedding ring over the past few years.

Types of ring styles include:

• Simple bands made in all yellow gold, all white gold, platinum, or titanium or tungsten.
• Rings with inlay stripes or ribbed edges.
• Rings with diamonds or gemstones, as we mentioned above.
• Rings with unique patterns, like woven or wave style. These rings may be more easily damaged than other styles, however.
• Two-tone rings with a combination of metal types.

Now that you have some tips and options to consider, you can think it over and head down to Midtown Jewelers today and let them help you ring the ring of your dreams.