What Does your Birthstone Say?

She'll say yes to platinum.

Everyone has a birthstone color depending on which month they were born in. Each month has a distinct color for its birthstone, which are listed below. Birthstones are also said to have different healing powers and date back to Biblical times. The American National Association of Jewelers officially adopted the list of birthstones in 1912.


Garnet, which is said to date back to 3100 B.C., was used by Egyptians in jewelry. Garnet is also said to represent friendship and trust.

The healing power of a garnet:

• Aids blood, heart, and lungs

• Encourage love, passion, sensuality, and intimacy.


Amethyst gets its name from ancient Greece. The Greeks believed that amethyst helped protect the owner from intoxication. In medieval times knights wore amethyst believing that it healed people and would keep them cool-headed.

The healing power of an amethyst:

• Aids in the decrease of insomnia, arthritis, agony respite, and circulatory matters.

• Gemstone of meditation, calm, balance, bravery, and inner power.


Aquamarine was said to protect the crew of a boat and to ensure a safe trip. Aquamarine is believed to be able to help with cooling any temper, which would help with calling for calmness and level-headedness.

The healing power of an aquamarine:

• Aids the liver, throat, stomach, jaw, teeth, eyes, and ears.

• Relieving fear

• Calming nerves

• Conveying mental clarity


The diamond is considered to be a representation of love. The diamond is also considered to be the ultimate gift of love. The diamond is a rare and completely natural gem. Diamonds are one of the strongest stones found on earth.

The healing power of a diamond:

• Defend the owner from illnesses

• Propel away bad aspirations

• Battle severe depressions

• Avert apoplexy


Emerald is said to bring the wearer good fortune, eternal youth, and foresight. It is also said that emerald represents rebirth. High-quality emeralds are hard to find which makes them very rare.

The healing power of an emerald:

• Cleansing

• Stops contamination

• Aids in emotional life and life transitions

• Keeps the mind in excellent status

• Encourages a wholesome recollection

• Calming and balancing

• Encourages creativity and eloquence


The pearl is a very unique gem because it is the only gem that comes from a living animal. The pearl comes from shelled mollusks such as oysters. Natural pearls are very rare which drives the price up.

The healing forces of a pearl:

• Agent of purity

• Innocence

• Integrity

• Wisdom

• Sincerity

• Faith

• Charity

• Spirituality

• Fertility


The ruby, like the diamond is one of the hardest gems. The color of the ruby helps determine the value. Rubies are believed to heighten the senses, guarantee health, wealth, wisdom, and success in love.

The healing forces of a ruby:

• Aids strong feelings

• Increases integrity, devotion, and joyfulness.


Peridot is brought to the surface from deep within the earth by volcanoes. Peridot is usually found in beaded bracelets and necklaces and comes in various colors.

Healing powers of a peridot:

• Heals tension in relationships,

• Lessens wrath and jealousy

• Slows down aging

• Encourages abundance and prosperity


In medieval times clergy wore sapphires as a way to emphasize Heaven. Sapphires were believed to generate heavenly blessings. Sapphire color varies among different shades of blue.

The healing forces of a sapphire:

• Creativity

• Inward calm

• Meditation

• Personal expression

• Alleviation of agony


Opal is derived from the Greek Opallos which means to see a change of color. Opal colors can range from misty white to black with specks of other colors in it.

The healing forces of an opal:

• Love and passion

• Yearning and eroticism

• Stabilizes strong feelings

• Enhances commitment and faithfulness


Topaz’s name is thought to be derived from an island in the Red Sea, “Topazos”, which is known as Zabargad today.

The healing forces of a topaz:

• Balance of strong feelings

• Defends against greed.


Tanzanite was discovered in the 1960’s. Tanzanite is still only found in Tanzania, which is where it was first discovered.

The healing forces of a tanzanite:

• It has the power to transform negative energies into affirmative ones.

• It assists in manifesting your own self rather than being leveraged by others or trying to conform to the norm.

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