Birthstone Knowledge

Birthstones are a fascinating and profound way to proudly engage in the month you were born. The origins of birthstones date back to biblical times when Aaron wore twelve gemstones on his breastplate to represent the twelve tribes of Israel which were to be brought before God “as a continual memorial.”

The majestic meanings of birthstones have since evolved into beautiful mystic healing and other enchanting folklore. Whichever way you look at it, there is a sense of pride and power brought about to the individual wearing it!

In 1912, the American National Association of Jewelers officially adopted a list of birthstones. The birthstones listed below are the traditional stones adopted in 1912. Enjoy reading about your birthstone and its uniquity.



janGarnet represents eternal friendship and trust. Dating back to 3100 B.C., the Egyptians used garnets as inlays jewelry. Garnet is a group of minerals that comes in many different colors, from the dark red of the pyrope garnet to the vibrant green of tsavorites. In modern day, garnet is mined in Africa, Sri Lanka, and India.
The healing power of a garnet: Aids blood, heart, and lungs and is known to promote romantic love, passion, sensuality, and intimacy.



febAmethyst is said to bring a clear-headed and quick-witted persona about the wearer. Amethyst has been associated with many different myths, legends, religions, and diverse cultures. It is purple quartz – a stunning blend of violet and red. In modern day, amethyst can be found around the world. Brazil is where it is primarily sourced, but can also be found in abundance in Zambia.
The healing power of an amethyst: Aids in the reduction of insomnia, arthritis, pain relief, and circulatory issues. Amethyst is considered the gemstone of meditation, peace, balance, courage, and inner strength.



marAquamarine was historically believed to protect sailors, and to ensure a safe voyage on the high seas. The calm color of aquamarine is believed to cool any temper, calling for calmness and level-headedness. Aquamarine is a soft, light tone and can range in color from green-blue to blue-green. Aquamarine can be mined in Brazil, Nigeria, Madagascar, Zambia, Pakistan, and Mozambique.
The healing power of an amethyst: Aids the liver, throat, stomach, jaw, teeth, eyes, and ears. Aquamarine is also known for releasing fear, calming nerves, and bringing mental clarity.



aprDiamond is a representation of love. The ultimate gift of love would be the fancy diamond, which is an extremely rare, completely natural, and exotic gem of the earth. Diamonds come in hues of yellow, red, pink, blue, and green. They range in intensity from dull to vivid. The more saturated the color, the higher the value! The diamond is the king of gems, the strongest precious stone on earth.
The healing power of a diamond: Will render positive influence on various organs of the body, in particular on heart and brain. It was also believed, that Diamonds protect the owner from illnesses, drive away bad dreams, fight severe depressions, prevent apoplexy and formation of /calculi/. Furthermore, Diamond reduces fever, fights infections, helps with skin diseases, reduces physical tiredness and invigorates metabolism.



mayEmerald symbolizes rebirth, and is said to bring about foresight, good fortune, and eternal youth on the wearer. A high-quality emerald is difficult to come by, as quantity is very limited. Originally mined in Egypt as early as 330 B.C., it is mostly mined now in Columbia, Brazil, Afghanistan, and Zambia.
The healing power of an emerald: The stone is believed to be very cleansing and prevents infection and diseases. It was once believed that a mother who wears emeralds keeps her child safe from complications during childbirth. It also aids in emotional life and life transitions. It keeps the mind in excellent condition and also promotes a healthy memory. Emeralds are known to be calming and balancing, promoting creativity and eloquence and restoring faith and hope. They are believed to bring good fortune and are used to nurture kindness and sympathy. They are also used to improve one’s intuition, thereby increasing one’s perception.



junPearls are the only gems on earth that come from living sea animals. For this reason, they require no faceting or polishing to reveal their natural beauty. Historically, they have been passed down in adornment for centuries – from the Roman Empire to Tudor England to modern day society. In the 1920′s, cultured pearls have nearly completely replaced natural pearls on the market.
The healing powers of a pearl: Representative of purity, innocence, integrity, wisdom, sincerity, faith, charity, spirituality and fertility. Over the years, pearls and pearl jewelry have become the symbol for purity, innocence and modesty. They are also believed to play a powerful role in fertility.



julNext to the diamond, the ruby is the hardest natural gemstone. This is great news, as it wears so well for everyday use! Fine-quality ruby is very rare, where the color of this gem determines its market value. The darker the color, with vivid red or slightly purple-red is the most sought after. Rubies have been known throughout history to heighten the senses, excite the imagination, and have been believed for ages to guarantee health, wisdom, wealth, and success in love.
The healing powers of a ruby: Aiding the emotions is the Ruby’s calling card. It is also known to increase integrity, devotion, and happiness.



augPeridot originates deep inside the earth and is brought to the surface by volcanoes. Most of the peridot supply comes from Arizona, China, Myanmar, and Pakistan. Typically found in beaded necklaces and bracelets, peridot comes in various colors ranging from yellow-green to brown, and from bright lime greens to olive greens.
Healing powers of a peridot: Healing stress in relationships, lessening anger and jealousy, and slowing aging, the peridot promotes abundance and prosperity.



sepSapphires were historically worn by medieval clergy to emphasize Heaven. The commoners believed the gem generated Heavenly blessings. Surviving in popularity extending from the Middle Ages, blue sapphires range in many different tones from pale light to dark violet-blue as well as pure blue. Their beautiful colors don’t stop there. They occur in all colors of the rainbow!
The healing powers of a sapphire: This is the gemstone of creative expression and inner peace and meditation, the Sapphire also aids in personal expression and the alleviation of pain.



octDeriving from the Greek Opallos, this gem surely holds true to its meaning: “to see a change of color.” Opals have an intense range of color – from a misty white to black with sparks of yellow orange, green, red, and blue. When an opal’s spherical arrangement of particles are packed together in a regular pattern, a beautiful three-dimensional array of spaces are formed to give an opal its sparkling radiance.
The healing powers of an opal: Associated with love and passion, as well as desire and eroticism, it is a seductive stone that intensifies emotional states and releases inhibitions. It can also stabilize emotions. Wearing an opal is believed to enhance loyalty and faithfulness.



novThe most prized color of topaz embodies that of vibrant orange body color with pink undertones. This trails from historical significance after the Russian Czars of the 1800′s. Topaz comes in a rainbow of rich colors as well. These are yellow, pink, purple, orange, and various blue tones.
The healing powers of a topaz: One of the most powerful gemstones, Topaz facilitates the balance of emotions and provides protection from greed.



decTanzanite is a relatively new gemstone to the market. It was discovered in the 1960′s in Tanzania, and is still found only in this area of the world. It is a rich violet-blue color that range from medium to dark. Originally used as a more affordable alternative to sapphire, it is now appreciated for its unique beauty and is purchased as such.
The healing powers of a tanzanite: It has the power to transform negative energies into positive ones. It assists in manifesting your own self rather than being influenced by others or trying to conform to the norm.

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