The Best Jewelry for Your Beach Vacation

It’s the accessories that pull the look together: the necklaces, the belts, the scarves, the shoes. Whether you’re vacationing in the Outer Banks or Tahiti, it doesn’t take much to polish your look from “a set of clothes” to “an outfit.”

Beach vacations rarely take place solely on the beach. There are dinners in out-of-the-way restaurants, shopping in new places and lots of day trips and events. But you don’t want to pack heavy. What you want are a few versatile pieces.

Types Of Jewelry To Pack

First, you must keep in mind the climate you are going into. Sea and sand are notoriously hard on metals, so if you go with metal jewelry, you will want to make sure that you choose the finer metals. Gold, titanium, and platinum are the best choices.

You might reserve the fine jewelry for evening wear, or even just away from the beach, but if you plan to be more casual and active, you have a few other options.

You can bring the bohemian vibe with beaded bracelets and necklaces. This is a timeless, popular summer look. You can also choose jewelry made from wood, semi-precious stone, mother of pearl, or recycled glass. However, you will probably want to avoid most costume jewelry. The metals used in these items are not of the highest quality, and will most likely tarnish quickly.

Instead, look for jewelry held together with natural materials. Hemp and leather are two very good options.

How To Choose What Jewelry To Wear

Casual is the name of the game. With your hat, sunglasses, and coverup, you won’t need much to pull the look together.

If your hair is short, earrings are a great idea. But if your hair is on the longer side, you might quickly lose patience with the ocean wind wrapping your hair around your earrings. Even studs are not a perfect solution in this situation.

Anklets are a very popular choice, as are bracelets. They are the very epitome of no-fuss accoutrements. Put them on, and you can quickly forget they are there. Pendant necklaces are also quite popular. Although the long pendants look very sleek and create a nice effect on casual outfits, if you are planning to be active, it might get in the way. If that is the case, a shorter chain length may be in order. Keep in mind that if you choose corded or leather thongs, these can be temporarily tied shorter than a metal chain.

There you are! With this primer, you’ll be turning heads on the beach this season.