On site jewelry appraisals are performed by Graduate Gemologist Kenneth R. Insley. The customer is provided with two official copies, including a picture and detailed description for insurance purposes. Most insurance companies require an independent appraisal in order to bind the policy. Please make sure to check with your insurance company on exact requirements, as many companies will want recent appraisals, which are less than two years old.

Appraisals take place every other Wednesday. Please call or stop by to make an appointment.

Midtown Jewelers recommends Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company for customers that currently do not have a jewelry insurance policy or where their current policy is insufficient. The company has been around since 1913 and specializes in insuring jewelry and jewelry businesses, including Midtown Jewelers. Please stop by to pick up a brochure and application or visit them online.

Jewelers Code: A01417

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