Alternative Jewelry Metals

  • Lighter than tungsten; heavier than titanium
  • Less scratch resistant than tungsten; more scratch resistant than titanium and all precious metal bands
  • Platinum in appearance, very bright white color, weight and feel is similar to gold
  • Only slightly resizable; ONLY alternative metal that can be slightly resized – no addition or subtraction of metal to resize
  • Shatterproof
  • Hypoallergenic – no harmful alloys (ie. Nickel)
  • Maintains a permanent luster – natural and long-lasting high luster that never fades or discolors over time
  • Must be cut off after swelling or weight gain – must use a diamond-plated separating disc. Hospital emergency rooms are equipped with these machines. About a 4-5 minute process
  • 4 x harder than platinum
  • 5 x harder than gold
  • 7 x harder than silver
  • Cannot be resized
  • More durable than ANY other metal on the market
  • Melts at 6,100 Fahrenheit – the highest melting point of ALL metals
  • Tungsten Carbide is the technical term for these bands because they are made with tungsten powder and carbon sintered with nickel. This creates tiny voids making it prone to shattering when put under pressure. This is done so that in emergency situations, a hospital emergency room can indeed take them off (with vice-grip pliers).
  • Keep their original polish and luster for life. Tungsten carbide can only be scratched or damaged by extreme measures, like abrasion from diamonds or corundum.
  • More scratch resistant than cobalt
  • Heavier than cobalt
  • Cannot be resized
  • Very lightweight – comparable to aluminum
  • Although marketed as scratch-resistant, it tends to show small scrapes and scratches just like gold and platinum wedding bands.
  • Although titanium is a very hard and durable metal, it can still be scratched by abrasive materials like rocks, sandpaper, and even hardened steel tools and utensils.
  • Can be polished though
  • Can be cut off in emergency situations – with a separating disc and flexible shaft tool. Like the other alternative metals, hospitals are equipped with the appropriate tools to remove titanium bands.
  • Due to the incredible strength and durability of titanium, it is difficult to cut and shape compared to gold, silver and platinum.
  • Titanium rings are constructed from solid bars of titanium, which results in a perfectly seamless ring.
  • Fun and stress-free fact: Titanium will not irritate or discolor your skin and will not harm the body in any way. Titanium is used in the medical and dental fields in surgical implants, bone screws, hip replacements, heart valves and more.
  • A Titanium ring may long outlive the wearer!

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