Spanish Designers Continue to be a sensation with their ground breaking looks and the addition of fine diamonds, rubies and sapphires to compliment their famous textures and designs.

Jorge Revilla Designs has revolutionized the way we look at sterling silver today. Organic in look and ever so modern in feel, these bright designers, new to the United States have brought excitement and awe to the important sale of fine silver jewelry that stores are craving and customers desire.

Jorge Revilla and his sister Gloria Revilla who designs along side Jorge, have experimented and found the answer when it comes to giving Sterling Silver a new meaning. Not only does this new collection have fabulous silver designs, but also their ground breaking new collection “The Ultimate in Sterling Silver” features designs using 18K rose and yellow gold and ruthenium. The use of these colors with sterling silver have proven to be a wide spread hit and is quickly becoming consumer driven as stores begin to carry these new looks and colors in Jorge Revilla’s Sterling Silver collection. It is refreshing and speaks to the senses. Jorge and Gloria continue to develop new designs using various techniques and textures along with adding diamonds, rubies and sapphires keeping their collections cutting edge.

Jorge Revilla and Gloria are brilliant designers from a part of Spain that understands Sterling Silver like no other. Burgos, in the Northern Region of Spain is known for its old world approach and craftsmanship of the finest Sterling Silver. Jorge and Gloria learned their craft from the best of the best. Always trying new approaches and ideas. For many years they have been recognized throughout Europe, Asia and many parts of the world as one of the true designers of the decade. Just in the past few years Jorge Revilla has expanded their market into North America with over 250 dealers. Stores are seeing an excitement and energy from their customers that radiates into a sell through not seen in a very long time with Sterling Silver. A testimony to this was when Jorge Revilla was recently awarded “Best in Silver” by retailer’s choice and given this award at The JCK show along with other prominent long time designers.

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