Our 2 Favorite Summer Jewelry Styles

With the weather warming up and the sun shining down, we’re itching to break out our favorite summer jewelry styles. Two we’re especially looking forward to this year are color and movement.


Nothing says “summer” like a burst of color. The natural world is full of vibrant hues at this time of year. It’s no wonder we want to get in on the action. This season, two different approaches to colorful jewelry are shaping up.

First, there’s the pastel look. It’s both sophisticated and delicate. Light and breezy shades like sky blue, mint green, creamy yellow, and blushing pink are showing up in summer lines across the board. That means we’re seeing gemstones like blue topaz, pink and yellow sapphire, peridot, citrine, and aquamarine in beautiful settings. The more subtle gems like pearl, quartz, and moonstone are also a great choice for a pastel summer. Because they aren’t as bright, they are more versatile and work with just about any complexion.

The other option is to go bold. Think exotic Indian motifs, African themes, and Asian patterns. Such pieces often feature vibrant colors to complement the stronger patterns. They also tend to be on the larger side. For an even stronger statement, consider wearing these in multiples.

There are plenty of reasons why colorful jewelry is perfect for summer. For one, it goes well with just about any style of clothing. Whether you prefer neutrals and pastels or bright, bold hues, you’ll be able to find colorful jewelry to accent your look. You also don’t have to wear as many pieces to make an impact when you opt for color. That’s good news when the thermometer starts creeping up. Plus, colors can really show off your tan!


Think of your favorite swingy summer dress. We’re seeing that same sense of easy movement in the season’s jewelry. It fits in perfectly with that playful, laid-back vibe we all love about our hottest season. The loose-fitting nature of many such pieces also makes them easy to wear in the heat.

What does movement look like in accessory form? Long, simple pendant necklaces that swing as you walk. Dangling earrings that brush your shoulders as you turn your head. Geometric bracelet links that slide together as you raise your arm. This season’s picks are often studded with gemstones or beads. They also favor classic motifs and soft, rounded shapes.

Does your accessory collection need some summery additions? Stop by Midtown Jewelers today. We’d love to help you pick out something perfect.